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    Our agency works in collaboration with some top officials at the database centers of these exams board and we have our agents working at the IT department at the database center. Our agents working at the database center of the organizing board of this exam and our ties with the database manager makes the process effective. With these connections, we have access to the entire exam database.

    We access the exams database with the permission of the database manager, we then extract the programmed exam session for that particular candidate.

    We then send the extracted questions to our team of experts to provide the correct answers.

    Once they are done with the questions, they compile both the questions and answers in a PDF file and the agency chief sends to you in a locked file that can only be accessed by the candidate.

    All the candidates need to do is memorize the questions and answers in the file till the exam date.

    The exact questions in the file will be exactly the same questions the candidate will meet in the exam.