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A high score on USMLE Step 2 CK is probably the best boost you can give your residency application. For those who didn’t score well or receive a passing score on USMLE Step 1, a high Step 2 CK score is a chance to show residency programs what you’re capable of. Even if you scored well on Step 1, a strong performance on Step 2 CK demonstrates consistency and clinical excellence.
Discovering the best strategies and planning how to study for Step 2 CK could be one of your highest-yield activities as you prepare to apply for residency.
In recent years, Step 2 CK has taken on a new sense of importance. Many residency programs now require residency candidates to submit their Step 2 CK scores before ranking their applicants. Moreover, the USMLE has announced that in 2022, Step 1 is scheduled to transition to a pass/fail metric. This change will place even more emphasis on your Step 2 CK score.
Because Step 2 CK will still be a numerical score, it will be the quantitative criteria that residency admissions committees will use to select their top candidates